Music Lyric Video

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We’ve worked with musicians and record labels for many years and creating lyric videos and helping create a relationship between artists and their audience is why we started doing what we do. Lyric videos are a must-have for all artists, whether you’re established with a large following, or working on your first release. 

We create exciting and engaging lyric videos which help support and promote your releases, elevating your social media, Youtube and allowing fans and followers to engage and share your content. Lyric videos are a great way to increase views and subscribers to your social media channels, which contribute towards a lot of musicians’ income and presence in the industry. Having a video to support releases is essential for promotion and teasers prior to release date, but also to get your song into peoples heads and have them singing your tune long after seeing your video! 

Video content is the best way to portray creativity and showcase your own or your artist’s brand and individuality, using imagery and effects to help show your following what you see when you write and create music.

Music Lyric Video

It goes without saying that lyric videos increase following and is a great piece of content to share on social accounts to be shared and liked. Content like this is what prompts conversation and builds a relationship between you and your fans and the best bit is that for the reward, lyric videos are cost effective and well worth the investment.

People just love a visual these days and if you want to get in front of fans, other musicians, labels and pretty much anyone scrolling through their social media or in a hole on Youtube – you need an epic video! 

We curate videos to reflect the artist and their release to help strengthen brand awareness and recognition.

Our videos are designed to work well across all platforms, with separate videos sizes for Youtube, Instagram Grid, Instagram Stories, Facebook, Facebook Stories, Tik Tok and 4K which can be used on artist or label websites directly. 

Media packs and digital CV’s are the best way for musicians to showcase their skills when looking to promote themselves and their music in a fun and professional way. If you’re applying for a music related position, you are unable to perform in interviews due to Covid restrictions or you just want something to send to labels and management, this is what you need.

A few things we can help you with...

Music video editing
Lyric video creation
Social media content
Digital CV/Media pack
Music Lyric Video
Music Lyric Video

A few notable artists we’ve worked with...

Hugh Hardie
Danny Byrd
Max Stone
Casell The Beatmaker
Hospital Records
Soulvent Records

If you would like to get in touch with us to chat about your creative content, to ask questions or discuss an upcoming project with us, please do so via the contact form below and we will be in touch!